Where The Ordinary Achieves The Extraordinary

Chairman Speech





The Pruvidence  Organisation was founded in 1995 by a group of Dedicated Leaders. Our vision is: Pruvidence is the premier Organisation attracting the best entrepreneurs, providing professional financial solutions and building dynamic quality leaders.  We realized the growth potential of bringing together and developing the best in Leaders and Agents with the spirit of One Team, One Dream , All win. Through the years, we have develop many ordinary people to produce Extraordinary results by adopting our powerful and proven S.E.E system. (Simple,Easy and Effective).

    Pruvidence focused Vision, strong core values and common language have build it to be one of the strongest and productive group in Prudential.

   We always embrace Change and constantly learn new things . As we all know, 2016 will be a challenging year due to the economy  slow down throughout Asia and around the world, but that doesn’t stop us from moving forward. Our theme for 2016  is “transformation through teamwork “. The transformation will be focusing on recruitment drive we are targeting to recruits 50 strong and dynamic full time financial advisors and  to achieve RM 5 million sales by year end.  I strongly believe with the current strong Teamworking ,  positive attitude , and passion in what we are doing, we will be able to achieve our goals.
  Every successful person begins with two beliefs : “The future can be better  than the present , and I have the power to make it so”.

   If you are willing to learn, work hard and follow our S.E.E system, come and join us to be part of our team to build your Big Dream to live a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and productive life.

 Pruvidence welcome you .

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